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party4fafor9 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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paper drinking straws ?????????? ???? | ??????

Nurses in critical care medicine in communication with patients.
Asian Heart Network (reporter Yu Jialu) "to you?colord straws, try to shake hands with me, have a look today Is it right? To hurry up?" June 4th in the Xinjiang autonomous region of ICU (critical care), the nurse on the critical patient Long Yuan (a pseudonym) said, lying on the bed of the Dragon slowly raised his hands, holding a hand with a nurse. "Good, very good, and then take my hands... The nurse. "While encouraging anddemonstration, dragon far and slowly turn the hands together.
"now let him do some simple physical movement, such as clapping, nodding, a few fingers, he can be very clear to do, although the action is still relatively slow, but this proved that the patient has slowly began to recover the thought consciousness, from the plant state." On the side of the hospital ICU (severe medical), director Jin Chuanlin said.
November 20, 2011, the 42 year old Yunnan Xinjiang to migrant workers in the workplace Longyuan mixed gas poisoning, after simple treatment, was rushed to the autonomous region occupation disease hospital neurological department of internal medicine for treatment, December 6th, Longyuan sudden convulsions, cardiac arrest?pink drinking straws, Department of internal medicine, the hospital immediately notify ICU neural organization staff quickly after the rescue, defibrillation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other rescue measures lasted 80 minutes, with the restoration of the heartbeat, "more than a dozen staff he turns to do artificial respiration, every second is related to the patient's life", although the recovery, but for patients with brain hypoxia time is too long, the patients in the vegetative state, life signs is very unstable.
28 days later, the dragon is far from cardiac arrest, after a new round of emergency rescue, after 5 minutes, the patient's heart beat again.
< p > "I when the doctors in more than 20 years, or first touch on the heart stopped jump twice, most up to 80 minutes can be saved in patients, which in China belong to rare. Medical personnel, timely rescue is continued to seize every minute and second with "make the dead come back to life" the important reason "said Jin Chuanlin.
< p > for more than half a year after treatment, the Dragon far has begun to regain consciousness, can be a simple body motion, and the ability to follow the doctor's advice to do some action, the brain tends to be normal, next step is in the state continue to stabilize the vital signs of, patients in the Department of rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation, strive for an early discharge.
according to the Xinjiang autonomous region occupational disease hospital ICU director Jin Chuanlin introduction, usually the case, people's heart stopped, after blood flow interruption, the brain can only tolerate 4 minutes of hypoxia, and after experiencing the hypoxia state, people generally will be in a vegetative state, and even cause brain death, the patient's heartbeat two times to stop being able to recover consciousness is rare. Cardiac arrest, we have taken two measures, one is to recover the heart rate as soon as possible, the two is to carry out brain recovery. "This successful treatment, and the patient eventually from the plant state recovery consciousness, is the main hospital department of internal medicine and ICU nerve to work together,

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???: ?????????? ???? | ??????????????

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