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Alt 15-09-2016, 17:24   #1

party4fafor9 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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paper straws wholesale ????

Copy works
display works
the copying process
< p > Beijing, Liuzhou?cheap paper straws, July 3 (Xinhua Meng Ming Ming Tan Kaixing Guangxi Rong'an county a year nearly sixty years of real estate developers, only primary school culture, spent ten years time brush small copy the millions of words of the Chinese people's liberation army generals list "and want to apply for the Guinness Book of world records.
< p > this year 58 year old Huang Jiansheng is Guangxi Rong'an County Changan Town, the fewer just finished primary school, suffered during the cultural revolution, never went to school. Construction projects by the young to do the accumulation of certain wealth, Huang Jiansheng in 2000 after the beginning of the business of real estate business, become a real estate developer.
< p > from the beginning of 2002, Huang Jiansheng began to use their free time writing brush small, the millions of words of copy of the Chinese people's liberation army generals list "as the target. Huang Jiansheng said that after the money to improve their own practice brush calligraphy. "No study is my greatest regret, now life is good, it is always wanted to improve their own through some ways."
< p > the Chinese people's liberation army generals list "contains a total of make a significant contribution for the creation of the people's Republic of China, in 1955 to 1965 is granted or promotion to the rank of 10 marshal, 10 generals, 57 admiral, 177 will and 1360 major general resume and introduction, the book is divided into three volumes, a total of 96.2 words.
Huang Jiansheng said: "when you start copying, you don't know if you can copy it in your lifetime. And there are many words that I don't know, while copying the dictionary."
< p > since the list of commanders of copying, Huang Jiansheng in the real estate business at the same time, declined most of the entertainment and before all the entertainment activities, as long as there is a spare copy, copy every day for 2 to 4 hours, write about 300 and lower case characters. "To the present, every day if not to write the words are not feeling comfortable." Huang Jiansheng said.
< p > 10 years down, Huang Jiansheng is finally completed the long cherished wish, with minuscule copy finished the Chinese people's liberation army generals list "book. Reporter in the study see No. 112 minuscule calligraphy scroll full pack the 6 big suitcase, each volume 3 meters long, wide 0.6 meters, about 5000 words, each word not to 1 cm in size. Pure silk scroll mounts, some with portraits of generals. Huang Jiansheng said, the book only mounting a cost about 100000 yuan, currently reporting the Guinness world record.
Huang Jiansheng said that the ten years of copying down, eye vision decreased, and fell to the neck, hands, shoulders and other parts of the pain. At present, Huang Jiansheng intends to take his work on display in Guangxi.
to comment on the comments to share: Micro Bo recommended

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????58???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????2000??????????????????????

???2002??????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????“?????????????????? ?????????????????”

????????????????????????????????????paper straws wholesale??1955?1965???????????10????10????57????177????136 0??????????????????96.2???

???????“?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????”

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????2?4???????300?????“???????????????????? ?”?????

?????????????????????????????????????????????????1 12???????????6???????3???0.6???5000???????1??????? ????????????????????????????????10???????????????? ?????

???????wholesale paper straws?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????
?????? ???: ????????????

paper straws outlet ??????????????????
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